Hauka Creative Communications
What We Do

Want to get your issue or organization on the media map? Whether you want to communicate with the community, chat with that CEO or pin down a particular politician, Hauka Creative Communications can give you the inside edge you need to succeed. We offer a full range of media and consultation services.

Creative and compelling press releases, pitches, media advisories, backgrounders and complete media kits. See your messages turned into headlines and voiceovers. We put your key messages into language that print, broadcast and web journalists can understand and run with. We also craft speeches, web copy, blog entries and other written materials.
Get on the right side of the working journalist with the help of a reporter who knows what they need to get the job done. Our extensive media connections ensure you get your message to the right person at the right time.
We can lead you through the mandarin’s maze of civic, provincial and federal rules, regulations and policies. With over 25 years of experience at every level of government, we put you in the room with the decision maker who has the answers you need.
Hauka Creative Communications is dedicated to First Nations reconciliation based on a stronger understanding of our shared history. We work with First Nations and non-First nations communities to build connections, foster understanding and create opportunities.  
How do you deal with the pitpulls, pundits, meat puppets and posers during a press conference? Can you make a media scrum eat out of the palm of your hand? Do you know the seven things you must never do while giving an interview? We do, and we can teach you how to make the most of your media opportunities.
Whether it’s a town hall meeting or a confab with a community group, we can help you harness local people power. We can facilitate, moderate or orchestrate whatever level of community engagement you need to take the peoples’ pulse or present your message to the community.